At Pez Electrical Limited, we seek out environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible. 

More and more of our customers are choosing eco-friendly lighting and heating options not only because they are kinder to the environment, they are money saving too.

If you have unwanted or outdated electrical appliances and equipment, we are also licensed to take this away.


Energy Efficient Heating Panels

Pez Electrical are proud to recommend Far Infra Red (FIR) heating panels as a cost effective heating solution for your home or business. These conveniently placed panels, which can be hung on walls or fixed to ceilings have no need for plumbing or fixed wiring. FIR heats objects rather than air, therefore you need not worry about precious heat escaping via floorboards, doors, lofts and from pipes. With escalating gas prices (and an eventual end to gas production ahead), FIR panels offer the opportunity for thermostatic control, hence even less energy usage, as well as comparatively low running costs versus central heating.

Maintenance and Repair


Creative, Cost Effective Lighting Solutions 

LED lighting is becoming extremely popular for its low running cost and its versatility. From lighting aircraft interiors to domestic spaces, LEDs are available in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes allowing for ultimate design freedom. At Pez Electrical, we have a passion for lighting design specifically using LED lights and we are also motivated to help our customers invest in long lasting, efficient lighting that uses less of the planet's precious resources whilst giving the exact effect they desire. 

Electrical Work